And The Winner Is…..

wpid-2013102095194341.jpgFor those of you that attended our 2013 Santa Clara County Rosѐ Challenge, or Throw Down, thank you for making this a great event. For those of you that missed it, your loss. The Hayes Mansion provided a great location and hospitality for the intimate event. We purposely invited a variety of wine palates to the event so we would have a good cross section of society to judge the wines.
Although I am not usually a big fan of Rosѐ, I do like them with a picnic style lunch or light summer dinner. They generally come in two styles, “old world” or European Rosѐ lean towards the dryer side, and “new world” Rosѐ lean towards the sweeter side. Rosѐ has recently become much more popular here in the US and a lot of wine makers are getting creative with its production. From single varietals to blends to secret fomulas, it is often the wild card in their lineup.
So who was the big winner at our event? Well congratulations to Solis Winery for getting both the highest number of first place votes and the highest number of overall votes. A nicely balanced “new world” style Rosѐ, it is not too sweet to pair well with a number of different appetizers or light meals. After Solis our crowd went back to the “old world” style giving Aver Family Vineyard the second most first place votes and Jason Stevens (my first choice) to most second place votes. Interstingly we had a tie for third place between the secret formula “old word” style Thomas Kruse Winery and the “new world” style light but flavorful Clos La Chance.
So there you have it, we tasted seven different Rosѐ from Santa Clara County, some sweet, some light, some balanced and some with a very tart, dry finish. Overall a good cross selection of what Rosѐ can be. Thanks again to all our judges and the staff at Hayes Mansion for making it a night to remember.

Santa Clara County Region Rosé Throw Down

Wine Throw DownRosé’s here US have had a very bad reputation. While respected and popular in other parts of the world, most oenophiles here have thought of this varietal as the sticky sweet cough syrup that teenybopper would drink, until recently. Rosé has had a surge in popularity in the last several years and while still not on my favorite list it is one of Brax’s. What I do find interesting about Rosé is it has a wide variety in interpretation and thus it has essentially become the grab bag, or “box-of-chocolate” for each winery, you never know what you are going to get. Some lean towards the sweet side, some are light and crisp, some a little bitter, and some can be big and bold, yet they all look alike. So with all of this in mind Brax decided that we should hold the first Santa Clara County Rosé Throw Down and try to determine who makes the best Rosé in the SCC region. On October 20th, 2013 we are going to invite some wine enthusiast and neophytes as well as a couple of our local sommeliers and try to crown the SCC Rosé King (or queen). Interested in joining us? We may have a few tickets available for this event, just email, tweet or respond on facebook and we will let you know.