FTF goes back to School

We have been talking about taking a wine tasting class for a while but have not been able to get anything on the books. Then, out of the blue, we get a text from Brax that he had a friend who is a sommelier and will give us a personal wine tasting class (very good to have friends like this). So the FTF got together with some friends and went back to school. We have all been educated on the art of wine tasting at some point, but it is usually piece-meal, hear and there tips, so it was good to sit down and learn how to evaluate a wine, step by step, what to look for and how to describe what you are tasting. I won’t go in any great details because if you are really interested in being able to dissect a wine like this you should definitely take a class from a professional, but did you know that white wine gets darker with age and red wine gets lighter? We had a bunch of fun and learned a lot and then did some blind tasting to try to identify the type of wine we were given (we did pretty good barring a couple of California curve balls, even got the appellation on some of them). So don’t be surprised if you start to see descriptions like sawdust, burnt toast, kumquat zest or jolly rancher (all recommended descriptive words) in our future blogs. Cheers!

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