Brax’s Bio

Mike Scuba Diving

About Brax:

I used to say the best drink I ever had, was the one in my glass. Alas, I have matured.  Some say the most interesting man in the world follows me on Twitter.  I crave adventure and I have been lucky enough to have met people who share my passions.

I am a California transplant.  Born and raised on the East Coast.  A few years ago, a friend introduced me to Napa Valley and I have been a wine enthusiast ever since.

I love to travel and I appreciate the cuisine and culture throughout the world.  One of my most memorable wine experiences was when we went to France to visit a couple we met while vacationing in Thailand.  The couples family was of Algerian descent and prepared a full on traditional Algerian meal that was paired with French wines –Tré Magnifique!  I have been blessed to have met such wonderful people throughout the world I look forward to sharing my experiences with you.  Click here to read Brax’s lastest blog.