WBC 13 Day 1

wpid-IMG_20130606_184701_567.jpgTravel day. No real issues but word to the wise, do not believe the status board at Seattle airports. Better to ask an agent where your departing gate is. For some reason they do not update the board frequently, which means you could be left riding around on the airport tram between gates. Flying into BC you realize what an incredible area this is, hills and mountains that look painted and lake after lake. The drive to Penticton is more of the same, just up close. The welcome reception for WBC 13 was like an around the world tour of wine tasting with booths from Uruguay, Spain, South America, BC and Napa. Then on a bus to SeeYaLater Ranch. There we had food an wine tasting at 8 different booths from local wineries. No details, 8 different wineries after all, but very pleasantly surprised with some of the wineries. Looking forward to tasting some of the more boutique wines up here.

Side note, for this conference we have two goals. One is to meet others in the field an wpid-IMG_20130606_202656_044.jpglearn how to be better blogger for you, the other is to report on the BC area wines. Results from day one, the info we are getting and contacts we are making are invaluable, and BC is looking like a true destination for travel/wine. Hope to get more info on the food options while we are here.