WBC13 rapid blogging day #3 red wines

Here we go again…..it’s day three and we are about to begin another live rapid blogging session. It was fun yesterday but I’m looking forward to the reds today! Just a reminder we are sitting at a round table with a number. Each wine maker comes to us gives a small pour and they have 5 minutes with us and us with them to blog about what we think.
First up : Poplar Grove 09 Cab
Light in color, first smells of when the rain first hits the cement…..you know the smell after a first rain! I happen to love that smell. Mmm pretty good. Initially slightly sweet, long finish, smooth. Me like :)

Next: Monster vineyards 2011 Cabs. It’s a blend

Nice color, rich berry smells. Heavy tannins, gets lost at the end. I remember them from yesterday with their white. Wasn’t impressed then sadly not impressed now.
Next: Hestercreek 2009 “the judge” a blend. Smells delish! Clove like with a sweetness. Taste is soft with a clove like aftertaste. Very delicious, however it’s 45$ a bottle……..on second/third sip maybe worth it….not 100%on that though.
Next: 2009 Painted Rock Estate Red Icon (a blend) Initial smell of ice cream coffee…..yum. Lots of coffee taste and super good! We had a taste of merlot from this winery earlier today and were very impressed. Still impressed! Really like this winery!!!

Next: Cab Franc 2010 Tinhorn Creek
Smell is of minerals. Tannins with slight sweetness. Don’t really care for it. Next!
Next: Bartier Bros 2011 Syrah. I’m excited! First Syrah I’ve had or seen since being here. Beautiful color with a deep purple hue to it. Smells of dark fruit. Initial taste is sweet at first then an old vine zin taste to it…..not a good flavor for me. It’s gone before your done swallowing. Interesting but I wouldn’t buy it.
Next: Haywire Gamay Noir 2011
Nope. That’s what I have to say. It’s a person thing for me….it’s has old vine zin characteristics. Since I’m over it I can tell you a quick story. I got food poisoning one year and I was drinking an old vine zin that I happened to love at the time. All night I was puking purple with the old vine taste. So needless to say anything that has old vine zin characteristics I can not drink. Moving on.
Next: Jackson-Trigs 2010 Red Meritage
Heavy red would love a steak right now with it! Deep red color, capsaicin smell with a smooth taste. Having a hard time describing it but its good…..that’s all I need :)
Next: Osoyoos Larose 2008 Le Grand Vin
Light with a mineral and tar smell. Don’t care for the smell. You can taste tar with smokey flavors. It’s ok.
Next: NKMIP 2008 Qwam Qwmt Syrah.
Ahhh another Syrah. Meaty smelling. Dry, makes my mouth water. I don’t care for it. I can’t really explain the flavors….just don’t like it. Over it!
And that’s it for the rapid blogging! It was fun…..I have to say they all did a great job presenting. It’s super loud so they really have to shout and tell us about the wine. Love it!