We just checked out the new burger. in Aptos.image

Troya has been to the main one in Santa Cruz, but this was my fist time. They offer all the classic burgers and a lot of interesting combinations. I decided to go basic since it was my fist time. I went with the mushroom and swiss (sub-ed out the swiss for cheddar). Troya also went clasic with the bacon/bbq/onion ring combo. The young one, still hold on to his vegetarianism, went with the house made veggie burger. All the burgers were great. The paties are thin style, but have a lot of flavor and are from grass-fedĀ beef. The picky young one ate his whole
imageveggie burger without saying much other then “yeh, this is good”. The sauces the put on the burgers were all very flavorful without being too much. The only thing we universally questioned was the bun. They are small and hard, almost like an over cooked biskut. They they were to ask me, I would go with a different style bun. One last thing, yes they really do have this many beers on tap, and yes, we will be back.