Troya’s Bio

About Troya:

So a little about me…..Well for starters how did I get my nickname?? Truth is Braxs and Hill named me this after Troy Polamalu because of my hair ( at least let’s hope this is the only reason…I would hate for them to think I look like a rugged football man type). The funny thing is, my hair starts out nice and calm and it appears by the end of any great night with tasty wine and great food my hair seems to grow bigger and bigger….thus Troya was formed.

In no way do I consider myself an expert in wine or food…I simply just love them both! I can open a cheap bottle of wine and love it just as much as if I was drinking an expensive bottle. This said I drink and eat what taste good to me not because of a fancy label. I tell it like it is and sometimes (maybe more often than not) I can stick my foot in my mouth…so that’s what you will get from me. It’s all about what tastes good and what you enjoy. Isn’t that what life is all about?…..well that’s what it should be. Click here to read Troya’s latest blog.