Talbott Vineyard Seminar

Day two at the Ahwahnee Hotel Vintners’ Hoidays. Rob the speaker from Talbott is an older gentleman that is funny and I assume is the owner. His stories are great and I feel a small sense of being start stuck when he mentions that his daughter one of the wines is named after is sitting in the audience. I look up and attempt to get a glimpse but there are to many people around…..darn it! Ok ok back to the wine. My favorite the 2011 Cuvée Sarah Case Chard. It smells of gasoline….a smell I like and I was afraid it may taste like it smells which would be bad but it doesn’t! Smooth with a very tiny hint of butter on the back end.
His discussion mainly was focused on cork versus cap screw. It was very informative and enjoyable….for the first time these past few lectures I didn’t tune out and start tasting all the wine!

Dutton-Goldfield winery

Again we are still at the Ahwahnee Hotel for the wine seminar and again I have tuned out and skipped ahead :) my favs….. Devils Gulch Pinot, Walker Hill Chard and the Rued Chard. They are a winery in Russian River and after tasting these wines a definite must stop if you are in the area. The chards are not typical of my favorite tastes, meaning they are not buttery at all but smooth with a creamy finish. I’m over the lecture but could go for seconds on the wine!

Gloria Ferrer tasting seminar

Well as you can imagine from reading my posts that I may not have the most patience when it comes to lectures or seminars. Doc and I ventured out to Yosemite at the Ahwahnee Hotel for their annual vintners event. First up is the Gloria Ferrer tasting seminar. Well I may have stopped listening and skipped ahead and tasted all my glasses of sparking ;) My favorite is the NV Blanc de Noir. It’s a sparking made of Pinot grapes. Very tasty and smooth. Runner up was the 2007 Blanc de Blanc made 100 % of chard. Subtle and great alone on a warm or cold day. My least fav was their 2005 Royal Cuvée. It smells “old” is the only thing that comes to mind then it tastes too yeasty and sour to me. I do like to visit the winery when in Napa and now I’m excited to know exactly what to order when I’m there on my next visit!


New restaurant that just opened in Aptos….different for the area for sure. Japanese sushi place with a fun bar. Josie our bartender was sweet but didn’t know much about the wine selection. In her defense the place is brand new so I’m going with the fact that she just isn’t familiar with the list yet because her beer and sake knowledge were great! I had a fabulous draft beer from San Diego. It was a pale ale made with Serrano chilies! Spicy at the finish and oh so tasty. Doc and I had the Kobe sliders to start. A little rare for my taste (and I like pretty rare steak) but ok. They had a wasabi aioli sauce that was good. The fries crispy and fresh(the way they should be). Fish was very fresh and local. I did not care for the shrimp tempura batter it was not my fav. Not very flavorful. All in all a decent meal with great beer and sake. I will try again to make one more assessment before I write the food off, but I will definitely be back for the beer.

Rosé Event

Seeing that I am not a big fan of rosés I didn’t care for most of them. With that said my favorite was the 1st place winner (Solis). On the sweeter side but not cough syrup-ee refreshing and perfect for a hot summer day.
I must say that the Hayes Mansion was very accommodating and it was a fun event! The appetizers they provided were very tasty and paired well with the rosés. Overall a fun experience with beautiful surroundings and great company.