WBC13 Day 2 and 3, Penticton BC

wpid-IMG_20130607_133542_372.jpgNo post yesterday, the last two days have been a whirl-wind. Non-stop yesterday with discussions on the state of wine blogging, workshops on using google + and wine tasting from south Africa, lunch hosted by the wine association of Ontario, speed tasting of BC white wines, an excursion to the Similkameen region with tours, tasting and then dinner in a wine cave, then an evening party at a resort rooftop overlooking a lake at sunset. Early morning today, breakfast in association with the local farmers market, then right into learning how to be a wine judge. Then another lunch, this time with wines of Uruguay, more to come on that, follow by workshops on SEO, content and “drink them before they are famous”. Another session of speed tasting (see the previous posts), then an open house with wines from Greece. Liver is into the pelvic area but otherwise we are doing well. This is really the first time we have been able to spend in the room relaxing, watching another beautiful sunset over the lake while listening to a bar band right beneath our window. It has been an incredible two days, we are on information and networking overload, but invaluable. Just wish we had a little more time to enjoy eachother and where we are. Final thoughts on the WBC13 and Penticton to come.

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