Carmel Trip

So we adventured out to Carmel mainly for a birthday outing for Braxs. My favorites are what I will discuss instead of talking about every single wine room we visited…..I like to cut to the chase….or shall I say the cheese :) Oh Lordy was the Cheese Shop amazing! Great friendly staff, willing to let you try every cheese in sight! I have been to Carmel several times and do not know how I have never visited this house of goodness!!!! It’s a must if you are in the area.
Scheid tasting had some pretty good Pinot Noirs. My favorite was their unique Pinot Blanc. Great fruit flavors with this creamy silk finish. Delicious! Nick, our “guide” through the wine was great! Knowledgeable and a great host!
That night we had a few after dinner cocktails at this really cute rooftop patio bar called Starlight 65. Staff was friendly and they had a variety of tasty drinks. We also had a snack that included these delicious truffle fries always a big hit with the four of us.
The next day we ventured out to Heller Estate which had a very tastey Chenin Blanc. Smooth, clean with a guava flair to it. I visited them years ago and remember liking them more and thinking their pricing was reasonable. My tastes must have changed because I wasn’t overjoyed with most of the wine there and it seems their prices have increased.
My last enjoyable stop was Parsonage. Doc and I have been there once before and low and behold I still liked the same one we got last time we were there. It’s their 2009 Snosrap table Red Wine. It’s a great “hmmmm it’s 4 in the afternoon and I could use a glass of wine, but I am gonna drink it without food and I don’t want to open an expensive one”.
So definitely a place to visit especially when it is a beautiful sunny day (which is kinda rare).

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