Not a fan…….

So I know the others are probably writing a lot about each day and such but I will keep this short…….
Not worth your time and money. It was not beautiful nor exotic. Part of our not so great experience was our fault because the weather was not very nice and that could be equated to the time of year we went. The food was tasty at first but got old very quickly when we realized the best food (cracked conch) was fried and eating fried food for a little while is new and fun but gets old quickly. The pool was cold, the drinks were overly sweet as well as the pricing which is to be expected but should taste better at least. The people were not very friendly at all, customer service was non-existent. Gratuity is included for everything so they don’t care really how they treat you. So all in all fun of course because our group always has a good time together but I would never go back. Staying in Florida probably would have been better……..

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