Napa 1/13/13

We headed to Napa for a limo winetasting tour with a couple of great friends of ours. Our first treat of the day was a cheese and wine pairing at Patz and Hall where our friends are members. Amanda, our lovely host, greeted us with their first release of a sparkling wine that was very crisp and not too sweet. The pairings consisted of two Chardonnays and three Pinots with some cheeses and these rediculous truffle almonds. The Chardonnays were very good but the Pinots were excellent,my favorite being the Chenoweth, needless to say we’re now members…I’ll let you know when I open the first bottle.

Next was Artisan. I’d been there once before and enjoyed their sparkling wine along with a Pinot. I was a bit disappointed, not what I remembered and wines are on the pricey side.  From Artisan we went to Caymus for another cheese and wine pairing. We had an appointment at Caymus which we were a few minutes late for but we called to give them a heads up and make sure that wasn’t going to be a problem. When we arrived a not very friendly women told us they already started and should just go to the tasting room as she left us in a enclosed cold chamber. A few seconds later someone lead us into the warehouse where the tasting had just started. Jim, the host, made me change my not so good impression of the place. He was very personable, funny and knowledgeable. Their 2009 Zinfandel was excellent as was the Cab, which says a lot coming from me because I’m typically not a big fan of either.

Next was Turnbull, which I’m going to have to admit I don’t recall a whole lot about..drunkies;) Then, because by this time we all got a good little buzz going, it seemed like a good idea to make our last stop Opus One. Needless to say my taste buds were about done by this time, great time to drop $45 a tasting….NOT! But if you’ve never been to Opus One it is an experience, the winery is gorgeous and of course the wine is good but expensive so if you go, do it as your first tasting.

For dinner we went to Morimoto’s, an upscale sushi and Japanese restaurant. It was excellent, some very different dishes offered and the sushi was very fresh. After dinner we attempted to walk back to the Westin but it was too cold for our wimpy butts so we stopped in the nearest bar,Fish Story, while we waited for our ride. Very tasty drinks but rude bartender.

If you’re planning a trip to Napa I’d definitely recommend a visit to Patz and Hall as well as Caymus. The Westin is never a disappointment, always comfortable, clean and not rediculously expensive. If you’re a sushi fan check out Morimoto’s, great atmosphere and excellent food though it is pricey. Enjoy your food and wine, I know I do!!!

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