Santa Clara Passport Weekend

Another fun passport weekend, if you’ve never done one I suggest getting a group of friends together, along with a limo or party bus(that’s what we did), for a good tasting time. 24 wineries participated, we tasted at 4. Typically the wineries pour 2 or maybe 3 tastings on this weekend. We started at Aver Family Vineyards, they poured 2 wines neither of which I particularly cared for but they have a few others that I really like that they normally pour. One of my favorites was Martin Ranch’s merlot and their chardonnay, though the chardonnay was not part of the tasting we bought a bottle because we knew it was tasty. Next we went to Solis, they always do a barrel tasting along with 2 other tastings and some yummie sliders to munch on. Lastly was Sarah’s Vineyard, they had a pretty good pinot noir and delicious cheese and crackers.  This makes for a fun day with friends and gives you some idea of what these wineries offer though keep in mind it is only a small sampling of a couple of their wines. Until next year….



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